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​AboutWatson Hygiene Services

Founded in 2010, Watson Hygiene Services is one of the leading suppliers of enterprise hygiene solutions and has considerable strength in the cleaning industry. We are experts in corporate sanitation, providing customers with a variety of professional sanitation services to meet the hygiene needs of corporate environments, including the installation, maintenance, maintenance and replenishment of a series of hygiene products.

We believe that a healthy and hygienic environment is essential for everyone. Therefore, we are committed to providing comprehensive sanitation solutions to address your needs, allowing them to focus on their core business, saving operational time and money.

our parent company

ESG Environmental Holding Group

ESGyesAs a leading independent facility management company in Greater China, we have world-class excellent technology and are committed to adding value to our customers' facilities so that they can receive fully satisfied services.


ESGWith more than 15,000 employees, it now provides high-quality services to many airports, hospitals, libraries, government agencies, educational institutions, industrial and commercial facilities. We are also the only national brand that has participated in two major national events, the Beijing Olympics and the Shanghai World Expo.


For more details on ESG, pleaseclick here.

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